Advanced English and Professional English

This course is suggested for those who can read, write, speak and understand English and wish to further improve their Voice and Accent. We assist you to improve your vocabulary, frame right sentences, and maintain your pitch levels, word-to-word gap, develop your reading and comprehension. We give excellent training on how to participate in Group Discussion (GD), improving presentation skills and Email writing.


  • Helps students improve professional skills
  • Language fluency will be improved
  • Students can write emails and letters confidently
  • Reduces grammatical mistakes while speaking and writing
  • Gets neutralized accent to communicate with foreigners.


 Trainers: 10

 Tests: 10

 Duration: 45 Days

 Skill level: Intermediate and Advanced

 Language: English

 Students: (6-8)As per batch size

 Assessments: Regular

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